When it comes to your business, organization is the most important factor in being successful. To keep things organized we put everything you need in one place. Starting with access to a calendar to keep track of all the upcoming events, calls, and any business venture in the future. We link all your contacts together in one spot and give many options for how this contact will be addressed. Now with all your contacts linked together, why not be able to call, text, and email right from the same software? Good for you we provide a space for this too. Send emails instantaneously without having to go tab to tab on your browser. To top off this superior software, we add a payments section to see all payments in and out. We make it very easy to send and receive payments with our integration of Stripe into the software, creating a seamless process for all your money needs.

After you have your business organized the next important piece is automation. Here at WinStone, our goal is to continue streamlining your business and giving you more time to work on the business and not worry about the background. We create workflows and automation that fit your needs as a business owner, tailored specifically to your business.

Keeping up with all the social media accounts you have and trying to have them all connected in one spot can be a pain, let our software take some stress off your back. Inside the software, you will be able to link your Google My Business page, and Facebook page. Once these are linked to the software you'll be able to track all activity on these sights on one screen. Now it's easier than ever to know what is working and what market you're tapping into the most.

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